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CarParts is one of the web's most respected retailers of car and truck spares and accessories. Offering a huge selection of high quality parts for a wide range of vehicles, CarParts is a one-stop auto shop for all your motoring needs. Having an inventory of over 1.5 million parts and accessories, CarParts offers all of these at the lowest possible prices.

From Asian imports to popular European road-handling imports, from 4X4's to light trucks, enthusiasts won't fail to find something special here. 

All you need to do to use CarParts is enter the make, model and engine of your vehicle on their website and their parts list finder will make sure you get the right part for you auto. If you know the part name or SKU number, even better, you can type it in directly and save yourself some time. 

The best thing about CarParts is that you won't need to take a step outside your front door, waste time searching through auto stores, carry heavy goods back to your car or pay expensive shop prices for your goods. CarParts takes all the hassle out of auto shopping. Simply put the part/accessory you need in your online shopping basket and pay - it's that simple!

Car Parts: What makes it different?

CarParts offers 24/7 customer service to make your online shopping a pleasurable and hassle-free experience. A toll free number is provided for your convenience and live web chat is available if you have a query that you can't find an answer to. They have several strategic warehouse locations, located all over the US; this means that when you order your part it can be shipped out immediately. Such low prices can be offered on all their stock because they have no office maintenance or store personnel costs to pay. They are so confident that they can find the lowest price for you, that they offer a 'lowest price guarantee.' If you find the same product elsewhere for less, they'll match or even beat it!

There is a handy sorting section on their website, once your part results are in, and this enables you to do things like find the best match for the part you require and the highest or lowest prices. 

The security of the CarParts website is guaranteed; reassuring you that no-one else will be able to access or see your information. You are able to order items via the EBay auction site and their website, giving you greater shopping choice. Another great thing about CarParts is that you will only be billed once your order has been shipped. For emergency parts, if you order before 1pm Eastern Time, this will allow you to get your parts shipped overnight. You will be able to track the progress of your order with a unique shipping number. They also offer international shipping. offers a 90 day warranty on all parts which takes effect once the item is received by the customer. There is a wide range of ways to pay for goods: these include credit card, money order, wire transfer, PayPal, bill-me-later and even Google checkout.

Car Parts vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Car Parts)

Autopartswarehouse is a competitor of CarParts and they also provide shoppers with a 24/7 toll free order line, in addition to live web chat. 

They offer much less choice than their competitors CarParts, only 550,000 parts are available for purchase which means you will be quite limited in your options. Whilst they accept all major credit cards, PayPal and Google checkout, they don't advertise facilities for checks, wire transfers or money orders to be used as payment. They will also take your money as soon as you check out, rather than at the point of shipping, which is one drawback.

A great feature of Autopartswarehouse is that if your order is over $50, you will be entitled to free shipping, but as their parts are virtually always more expensive than CarParts, this isn't a great perk. Another problem I found is that if your parts aren't available in the warehouse closest to you, you will be charged shipping based on the warehouse that has your parts in stock and this can work out quite expensive. 

Autopartswarehouse is lacking a FAQ section for their customers and their 30 day returns policy is not as good as that of CarParts.

Autopartsauthority is another rival in the car parts and accessories industry and again they offer great customer service, around the clock, with the addition of live web chat. They also offer free shipping if your order is over $50. 

Once again, the choice of products pales in comparison to that of CarParts and they have only 500,000 products on offer. Another annoying thing is the search facility on their website, which allows you to search for the make and model of your vehicle but not the sub model. This increases your chances of ordering the wrong part for your vehicle and sending goods back and forth makes for expensive postage charges.

Methods of payment with Autopartsauthority and are extremely limited, you can only pay by credit card, which has the downside that your money will be debited immediately. Once again there is no FAQ section and shipping charges and payment information are only available upon check out, which is inconvenient if you want to compare prices. They also only offer a 30 day returns policy. 

CarParts authority exceeds both the above companies in term of sheer choice of parts/accessories available and price.

Car Parts: Pricing & packages

To compare the pricing of the above three different companies I have chosen three different types of cars, with three different parts which are listed below:

1. A Mevotech Front Suspension Front Suspension Ball Joint for a 2009 Ford Explorer:

CarParts $27.86

Autopartswarehouse $39.27

Autopartsauthority $39.27

2. An AC Delco Fuel Pump for a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro:

Car Parts $327.46

Autopartswarehouse $337.05

Autopartsauthority $337.05

3. A replacement Water Pump for a 2003 Honda Civic DX:

Carparts $18.08

Autopartswarehouse $27.75

Autopartsauthority $27.75

Whichever parts I chose and for whatever vehicle, Carparts always came out on top with their pricing policy. When you search for your part, you'll also notice that Carparts returns a lot more parts for your search than both of the other companies. For instance when the search for the Ford Explorer Ball Joint was completed, Carparts returned 23 results to choose from, Autopartsauthority had 10 results and Autopartswarehouse had just 4 items. For price and choice, Carparts wins every time.

Car Parts: Product images & screenshots
Car Parts Coupons
Get Save Up to 60% @ Car Parts
Get Save Up to 60% on Over 57,000 Car Parts @ Car Parts
Car Parts: Customer reviews & comments

Here is what CarParts customers and followers have been saying about them:

No Avatar
rating 5 5/5
 modified review posted Mar-25-2009

I bought several items from and will definitely shop here again. I was extremely pleased with the service and especially the fast "Free" shipping.


By Sweet_Sue98 FIVE STARS

The radiator on my husbands 1993 Toyota pick-up had a problem, and needed to be replaced. The Toyota dealership wanted nearly $500 for a replacement, plus installation, so we decided that they could keep their overpriced part and we would look somewhere else. 

That high priced privilege of shopping with Toyota sent me looking on the Internet. I came across, and began the search for the right one that he needed. This was a couple of years ago, and they had “live help” back then, and frankly it was horrible. If you are not familiar with how this function works, basically you are chatting with one of their customer service reps. The problem, and I find it with many sites that offer this service, is that it is slow, and no one can answer my question. Although we did end of getting our radiator, I am pleased to see that they have now eliminated that aspect from their website. There is still an 800 number that you can call if you need to talk with someone, and frankly, it is a much better idea. 

I find their site to be quite user friendly. Remember that I am a woman, and shopping for a radiator is not really down my alley. 

Currently, the site is going to ask for you to click on the make and year of the vehicle that you need a part. After you have made that selection, you will find another drop down menu asking for the specific model, and this is very exact right down to the engine size. At this point you will need to decide if you need a replacement part (which we were), an accessory, or a performance related item. I picked the replacement part, and was taken to a long page of items, by categories ranging from Heat and Air Conditioning, Transmission, to Wipers. There are many subcategories to help you find the specific part you are looking for. 

I needed a radiator, so that was the subcategory I looked in. In addition to just radiators, I found hoses, clamps, caps, and yes, the radiators themselves. One of the problems we had been having was most auto parts stores were charging for a radiator that was for an automatic or manual transmission. We would still be paying more for this type, but at I found the one I was looking for. I located a Modine designed only for standard transmissions, made in the USA, for just over $110. The current price is $115.96. In addition, when I clicked on more information there was a black and white drawing of the item along with more specific details. 

I had a $20 off $100 coupon, so with the shipping charges of $18.50 my purchase came in just under $110. The radiator arrived within a week by UPS, and we took it to a local auto shop, they installed it, and we saved about $350 by NOT going to the Toyota dealer. 

There are some negative reviews about this site, but I find it to be better than ever. You have excellent search tools, the ability to see every brand that they carry on one page. I think it is very helpful that they have a section for you to list your own vehicles, up to 10 of them! saved us a lot of money, provided decent service, and since the “live” help is gone, the site is even easier to maneuver. 

Check it out! They even sell Chilton manuals for every vehicle! 

* says:

Selection A+ has, by far, the largest selection of used auto parts that I have seen on the internet. Whether you are looking for an ignition switch for your Porsche 911 or a set of tail lights for your Kia Rio, most likely will be able to provide you with a list of wrecking yards that have your part. The only major gripe I have here is the lack of photography when the selection of parts is displayed. Unlike many auto services that show pictures of the part, i.e. eBay Motors, Car-Part doesn't offer any pictures of the actual part. Instead of pictures it will simply read “A” for excellent, “C” for decent, etc. Since an auto-part that is said to be in "excellent condition" is always arguable, it would be nice to see just how "excellent" the part is in before making any final buying decisions. Luckily the taillights that I purchased did arrive in excellent condition, however a picture of the lights would have provided a little more buyer confidence. 

Prices- A 

Similar to the prices you would find at a wrecking yard, most of the parts at can be purchased for about 50%-90% less than buying new. However, like some wrecking yards, you will still find some ridiculously high priced items. I ended up finding a pair of 2004 Honda Civic taillights for only $90 dollars ( w/free shipping): an excellent value. The only gripe that I have in the price department is that many of the auto wreckers that are in the database don't list their prices or their shipping charges. With that being said, you might have to call the wrecking yard that has your part just to get pricing; not exactly convenient. 


Store Ratings* Summary from Bizrate:

Over 10,000 customers have rated this store
Overall Rating: 

Would Shop Here Again,   

On Time Delivery,  Great Customer Support

In conclusion CarParts are the best name around for the sheer choice of parts and accessories offered and they were by far the cheapest in all auto parts that I searched for. The offer fantastic 24/7 customer service, have a great online search tool, offer countless ways to pay and deliver your item quickly. This is a great one-stop shop for all your auto needs, saving you time and money!

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Save Up to 60% @ Car Parts
Save Up to 60% on Over 57,000 Car Parts @ Car Parts