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Superlamb Inc is one of the largest suppliers of sheepskin products in the United States of America.

This particular site specialises in sheepskin accessories for cars and contain luxury features not found anywhere else, such as sculpting leather strapping and embroidery.

The most important things about this company is

  • They supply custom made seat covers to fit all makes and models of cars, no matter what year they were made
  • They have seamless stitching to give a more refined look
  • The covers contain luxury features you won't find anywhere else
SuperLamb: What makes it different?

The primary advantages of this product are

  • You can get genuine sheepskin covers for as little as $79.99
  • You can get custom made covers made to the customer's specifications for any make of vehicle
  • They have over 30 years' experience in sheepskin
  • They have a website that is easy to navigate
SuperLamb vs. primary competitors (sites similar to SuperLamb)

I looked at because it advertised that they manufactured and supplied sheepskin rugs.

I found this site very confusing as the covers seemed to be sold in pieces with a minimum order for the number of pieces. The other confusing site about this site was each item had a link to "contact supplier" and as I didn't want to place an order I never discovered who the supplier was because I thought they were all sold by Alibaba.

This site is no rival to Superlamb as their site is very easy to navigate and I would feel confident buying from them.

SuperLamb: Product images & screenshots
SuperLamb Coupons
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SuperLamb: Detailed review

Superlamb Inc is located in San Diego CA and has been in business since 1978. In the last In the last 23 years it has grown to be one of the largest suppliers of sheepskin products in America.

The Chief Executive Officer of the company is originally from New Zealand and he has bought his expertise of sheepskin with him. There is nothing he doesn't know about it and his favourite story is to tell his team he used to tie sheepskin pieces round his feet in the winter, to keep his feet warm in the shearing sheds.

There is nothing more luxurious than sheepskin. My sheepskin coat is seeing me through the English winter, and sheepskin seat covers not only make cars look great they also serve a purpose throughout the year. In the winter after you have got frozen scraping your windscreen they provide the warmth and comfort you need to cheer you up.  

How many times have you got into the car in shorts on a hot summer's day and stuck to the leather (or in my case synthetic leather) seats and it is quite painful to extract yourself at the end of your journey. Superlamb supplies the answer.

They produce superb custom made tailored seat covers to precisely fit customers' vehicles specifications, whatever the make or age. The covers have seamless stitching and the company goes the extra mile in the manufacturing process to hide the seams. This gives the covers a flush, more refined look.

If you have a four-legged companion that travels everywhere with you your dog can travel in luxury too with its own sheepskin seat throw. If customers prefer to support the environment by cycling everywhere their posterior can be protected by an elegant sheepskin bicycle seat. I actually had one of those when I was a teenager, and it really does make a difference. I also had a sheepskin steering wheel cover when steering wheel covers were all the rage and it made driving very comfortable - no more sweaty hands slipping in the summer.

The most important thins about this site are

  • You can see what you are buying on the website as every product is illustrated.
  • The custom made covers are made to the customer's specifications to fit their vehicle
  • They have standard covers at a reasonable price so everyone can transform their vehicle into a luxurious car
  • There is a wide range of covers and accessories available

Customers who use Superlamb ate very satisfied with both the products and the service

  1. I would like to thank everyone from Superlamb for the exquisite job they did on my 2005 GMC 2500 Diesel. The custom sheepskin seat covers are the best fitting and most comfortable of all my purchases in the last 30 years! I can't express how impressed I am with how the custom covers turned out for the back seat, and all my friends agree. Superlamb is the best. Everyone's expertise, customer care and friendly dispositions have truly been a pleasurable experience. Everyone who asks me will know the Superlamb family.  John S. Ostoich "Johnny O" Dispatcher ILWU Longshoreman
  2. After purchasing 9 sets of sheepskins in the past 20 years I thought it was about time I wrote and say thank you and your staff for exceptional service and support. After the purchase of our new car you were the first stop. Thanks again to your team for a great relationship. Jeff German. Hitachi Data Systems.
  3. I would like to place an order for an additional set of sheepskin seat covers that fit a Rolls Royce (XLC) in beige. I would certainly like to thank you for the best promptness in shipping our two sheepskin covers and would like to add we were extremely pleased with them, Diane Berger MAX of Switzerland.
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